Coding with Fun

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This is a living article! Last update: 2023-12-01

This post is more like a collection of links, not a real blog post. It is about fun coding games and, a collection of coding tasks.

If you are interested in learning with fun, this post is for you!

Language agnostic

Advent of Code

I think it does not need any introduction. A real classic. If you never heard of it, you are not a real programmer. But that is okay, you know it now!

The game is simple, every year from December 1st to December 25th there are daily tasks. More precisely two daily tasks. One simpler, and one more complex. You can check the explanation by the author himself.

The point here is, that you could do it in any language or with any tool (even Excel). And the fun part is the global (or private) competitive leaderboards.

Every December, every coding channel is full of this. Not without a reason. It is super cool!

In addition, you could check other solutions in different languages, and it is an infinite opportunity to learn and grow. Amazing!

Project Euler

This classic is different. Less gamey, more mathy. So it is recommended only to people with an affection for mathematics. However, it could be super fun.

Project Euler exists to encourage, challenge, and develop the skills and enjoyment of anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of mathematics.

Panaxeo Coding Arena

Panaxeo is a random company, but they have an open competition to play the classic Battleship game. Here you will call their API to play, so you can use whatever you want.

In addition, there are real prizes too if you can win.

Language (in)dependent ones


This one is more competitive. Although not every task is solvable with any language, but the most popular and main ones are represented. It could teach you a lot about a language you just learning.

The tasks are usually small, and there are different complexity tiers too, which could help you improve more efficiently.

LeetCode / HackerRank

This is something else. More likely about real problems, data structures, and algorithms. It is about preparing for job interviews and learning foundational stuff.

It has the most used languages in its toolchain.

Language dependent ones (Rust)

This one is one of my favourites. You have to program spaceships to execute their tasks.

But why?

Learning is sometimes hard. Especially if we are speaking about programming. New paradigms, new problems.

Even if you already learned lots of stuff, you will forget it. No doubt…but…

Practice makes perfect

Written on December 1, 2023